1. How many guests are allowed on the boat?

Answer: For safety reasons only a maximum of 5 quests are allowed on the boat.

  1. Is there a restroom on the boat?

Answer: There is a port-a-potty with privacy.

  1. Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Answer: For safety and liability reasons alcoholic beverages are not allowed on adventure trips but are OK on our leisure trips.

  1. What should I wear?

Answer: This will vary with the activity and weather so it will be covered as plans are finalized.

  1. Do you provide lunch and drinks?

Answer: Ice, water, and snacks will be provided and arrangements may be made for lunch.

  1. Where do we meet?

Answer: Meeting locations will vary with the activity and will be determined based on final plans.

  1. Do you furnish fishing rods & reels, tackle and bait?

Answer: Yes, Yes and Yes but you may bring a favorite rod & reel if you would like.

  1. Do I have to have a fishing license?

Answer: Kayak, canoe and paddle board fishing will require individual licenses because the Captains blanket license will not cover individual vessels. Licenses can be purchased for less than $20.00 sports stores, bait and tackle shops, and some marinas.

  1. Do you provide kayaks, canoes and/or paddle boards?

Answer: No, but rentals will be made available for those needing any of the three.

  1. Do you provide camping equipment?

Answer: Yes, and/or we provide information about what is needed.