Welcome to Outdoor Adventure Princess and The Fishing Princess.   We specialize in Custom Adventures, nothing off the rack. All of our adventures are customized to guarantee you a unique experience. The two creators of Outdoor Adventure Princess and The Fishing Princess are Captain Becky Mead and Dr. Jessie Stoner.

Captain Becky, a US Coast Guard Certified Captain with an OUPV/100 ton License. She is also certified in CPR/First Aid and a Master Naturalist registered with the State of Florida. Becky developed her love for the out of doors early in her life. She followed in the footsteps of her Grandparents and has continued their passion for Fishing and Camping. Becky finds peacefulness when on the water. A connection whether paddling a kayak exploring coastal inlets or slipping up on Rosette Spoonbills wadding in a warm estuary. Captain Becky enjoys sharing by taking people on the Adventure of the Day, introducing them to the wonders in their own backyard. As a pioneer of coastal kayaking and a natural fishergirl Captain Becky has developed a passion for one of the newest paddling sports, Stand Up Paddleboards. She has united paddle boarding and fishing. Paddleboard fishing is hard core, stealthy, raw, just downright primitive fishing at its best. In addition to fishing and paddling, camping is second nature to her. She has literally been camping since she was six weeks old. Becky grew up with the best grandparents ever who taught her brother and her importance of conserving and preserving nature for the next generation to enjoy. She has had the privilege of camping all over Florida, Georgia and Eastern Carolinas. She also has sailed the Caribbean, backpacked large portions of the Appalachian Trail and Florida Trail Systems, mountain biked countless miles on the Florida Rails to Trails and been scuba diving in some of the most beautiful places on our earth.

The other creator is Dr. Jessie Stoner, often referred to by former students as “DOC,” developed her love of nature as a young child camping and fishing in the Florida Keys and it was reinforced while taking a Camp Counseling Course at Florida State University. While teaching middle school (grades 5 -9) she incorporated camping classes into the physical education program and later saw a need for Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Impact Education in college curricula. After receiving her doctorate in Parks and Recreation with an emphasis on Outdoor/Environmental Education, she went on to play a major role in developing what is now, Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Outdoor Environmental/Adventure Education Center. It is one of a kind. She helped design and built the low ropes course, had great input in the buildings at the center, and wrote most of the curricula for the program. She sees a need for individuals to be involved in risk taking activities to test their limits or boundaries, as well as have fun.   Thus, the Florida State College Outdoor Program, Outdoor Adventure Princess and The Fishing Princess.

Combined, the Creators have over 75 years of outdoor experiences: Fishing, Paddling, Camping, Backpacking, and Surfing.   Their Knowledge and Love for the Outdoors would be wasted if not shared.

Our primary focus is Cumberland Island to Ormond Beach and all of the beautiful, bountiful waterways, tributaries, inlets and estuaries along the Intracoastal Waterway in northeast Florida.

We specialize in backwater adventure. Whether paddling the creeks in search of wild life and cool critters or slipping up on a trophy red bass tailing in skinny water and tricking him into taking the bait, an awesome day of adventure is guaranteed.

Beautiful, unspoiled coastal paradise does still exist; you just have to know where. Kayak up to an uninhabited island, setup camp, fish, cook your catch on the campfire, and tomorrow….leave only footprints but take home day dreams.

During our Outdoor Adventure Experiences we have identified the need for Personalized Excursions. Combining your interests and experience level we develop a safe adventure just for you and /or your group.

Please be assured we take great pride in your safety as well as your complete satisfaction.

So come with us and let’s slip up on Mother Nature and make some memories.